The organisations main objectives are to:

a) Enroll kids, youths and young adults (males and females age 12 to 26) into developmental programs,
b) Dedicate developmental skills through workshops, seminars and meetings while mentors and or facilitators delegate such programs,
c) Implement and adopt a Scholar program including sourcing bursaries, bursary schemes and bursaries assist,
d) To create employment opportunities for professional and semi-professional over a variety of professions, etc.
e) To promote, partake and facilitate the youth developmental agenda while partnering various stakeholders’ creativity through projects,
f) To also promote professionalism in the arts industry,
g) To foster accountability, sustainability and visibility also in the arts industry,
h) To raise awareness and educate the community regarding social evils, such as crime, all forms of human abuse, rights abuse, etc., through the arts as a medium of communicating such,
i) To encourage active youth recognition, appreciation and thereby create Youth Sense,
j) To inspire innovation in the creation, production and management of youth development initiatives in order to bring about active youth,
k) To also provide programs which contribute to fighting against HIV/AIDS, focusing on awareness, education, care and support, etc.
l) To strive to attain the realistic YouthSense and excellence in all works of life and its various industries,
m) To also encourage the involvement of youth in the charity and performance for the future development compassionate young people growth and continuity over the development of Bits and Pieces,
n) To promote and facilitate capacitation and skills development and above job placement in various industry.